You play a key role in making decisions about hospital care. As an active and involved partner in your hospital care, you will need information. That’s where CheckPoint comes in. This Web site provides reliable information about the quality and safety of care provided by Wisconsin hospitals.
CheckPoint gives a snapshot of Wisconsin hospitals' performance in key areas. With this information, you can see how often each hospital provides recommended care for patients with certain conditions or the progress hospitals have made towards national patient safety goals. This information may be used by the public to compare how different hospitals perform and to promote quality improvement efforts within hospitals.

Wisconsin hospitals are committed to providing excellence in service, quality and safety of care to our patients. To demonstrate this commitment, Wisconsin hospitals voluntarily collect and report standardized data on CheckPoint. The 128 hospitals reporting to CheckPoint provide care to more than 99 percent of the state's patients. This is guided by the Wisconsin Quality Steering Committee, which includes a diverse group of people interested in improving health care.

Wisconsin hospitals are making outstanding progress at improving care in many areas that are reported in CheckPoint. Areas of highest achievement are showcased in this section. In addition, an annual report is available to help track the improvement progress of Wisconsin hospitals at a state level.
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